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Sarkodie, D Black & Others Trolled For 'Fake' Award – Joy Showbiz Prime (4-9-20)

Sarkodie, D Black & Others Trolled For ‘Fake’ Award #JoyNewsPrime #MyJoyOnline Subscribe for more videos just …

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  1. So Ghana artist do pay for award lol

    We here in Sierra Leone don't do that either our rappers do pay for those award .
    But still Africa do not believe in good talent from smaller countries that has real talent but they package fake rappers like sack for paying for those award .
    It will be like I have more 82 awards , the question is from where and how?
    How many album do you have, how many song do u have for those award
    Ghana chill with fake award

  2. Sarkodie always holding small glass so now UN has recognize him he is a good rapper so he needs a big water bottle ,, scam on the highest level from Nzema boy

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