5 Indie Game Marketing Hacks With NO MONEY

Learn how to market your game with no money! Also, check out Skillshare: Join 1000+ students at Full Time Game Dev for 25% off …

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  1. To broadly sum up (still very much worth your time to watch the video though) make sure the people you reach out to can see a benefit for themselves.

  2. Can I write an article about my game, pretentious be a free lancer writer and sell it to some gaming magazine?

  3. I can suppose a good idea is to gather some interested guys before you start selling the game. Thank you for indormation about press lists. I didn't know about this trick before

  4. how did you get pewdiepie to play your game? the guy has about 100 million subs

  5. I know this is old but I'm going to assume "getting youtubers involved in your game" means ask them to play your game in a unique and catchy way..?

  6. I'm currently in the brainstorming session of my game and your really inspiring me to try and follow through with my dream

  7. Hi Thomas, I’m just starting out in game development and I’ve quickly realized how passionate I am for this field. I want to thank you for making all the amazing content you do because it really inspires people like me to work hard and follow their dreams.

  8. Extremely helpful Thomas thank you.
    I'm a developer and brand new to marketing. After learning code and everything game I thought I was done. Then I realised I have another language to learn. Marketing haha these were super helpful and ill be sure to begin work on them next

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  10. I think this is the best ever video I've seen on game marketing! I think I'm already on the right track and doing what you suggest but it's really helpful. By the way, you say a game doesn't sell for itself, which is true, but I think having a good looking and interesting game like yours is really important for marketing too. In particular when you'll try to get in contact with the people on the list.

  11. Can you make a video going over the planning stages of game development. the DOs and Donts and Should we push our selves to make a GDD document?

  12. Awesome stuff! However, I heard tips from other devs that contacting small youtubers/press people is actually worth it, even if they have a lower amount of subscribers. Is your opinion still the same in 2020?

  13. Everything is nice. But can one guy do all that for his first game or should aim low.
    Because I found it really hard to get a few people play my game. Ofcourse the game is not yet commercialised.
    But should I aim the numbers or should I try to reach as much as I before I finish the game.

  14. I really hate Reddits self promotion rules. It basically gives big games a free pass to market thier games but indie devs get shut down instantly.

  15. I couldn't help but notice that you look like the male version of Reese Witherspoon, especially when you smile

  16. Love your videos! You’re so talented and inspiring. Thanks for making this great content!

  17. Yo, press kits and press lists and everything is so scary… I wish I could have just gone to school for business instead of Game Design–would have been a lot more practical XD

  18. Man what a great video! For those of you who want some protips take note of how Thomas markets his affiliate link with Skillshare in such a natural and non-salesman-y way. Absolutely brilliant. Take notes bois. Every video is a learning opportunity if we paying attention.

  19. How about paying a youtuber to show my game walkthrough video playing in the background…………………………………………..

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