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An inside look at two AMAZING rentals in Juriquilla, Queretaro surrounded by a beautiful lake, a golf course, and some nearby restaurants. ▻ Get 83% OFF + 3 …

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  1. If you're interested in renting either of these homes, you can contact Patty via WhatsApp: +52 442 169 0763 (Spanish preferred. If contacting in English, only send text messages, no calls)

  2. Seems cheap if you are already wealthy. What if you aren't and need to get a job down there? Jobs that pay $50k or $100k in the US pay what down there? $5/hr?

    I expect it's all relative.

  3. I enjoy your videos, but the camera work made me and my family feel seasick.

  4. LOL Just realized that this spot around the peninsula's lake was where the telenovela Sortilegio was filmed.🤣

  5. The 1st one too high up, quite a huge place. You're Young you can walk up 200 feet to your apt. I would need a golf cart. The second one; nice.

  6. In Los Angeles, those apartments would be around $7000 a month plus utilities. It is pretty astounding how places so nice are infinitely cheaper in Mexico.

  7. With the location of these two properties, would you need to have a car to get groceries, etc.?

  8. I'm paying $3700/mo mortgage right now for my house and it's no where near that nice or big haha. Crazy.

  9. Hmmm-work from home for a U.S. company…get a VPN…the latter place, since it's just me and my 2 partners myself and I..and set. I'd need a really equipped gym somewhere close by. And coffee.

    Also, how nice that you both are real estate agents now. Hope you all get a cut if these places move.

  10. This was a great video. I’m a relatively new subscriber and I really like your channel. You’re both so likable! I’m looking forward to watching more of your videos, including past videos.

  11. Wow both of those apartments are amazing!!! I pay that much for nothing like it!

  12. I'll be honest here. I follow your channel because of the chemistry between you two.

  13. Ok, strange thing to comment on…but… the mirror in the shower. We have one, my husband has to shave every day. It’s easier in the shower… his beard is softened by the steam/water, it’s less messy than at the sink, and easy to get everything done in the same place (we also brush our teeth in the shower). So, yeah, mirror in the shower is a must, coming from these 50-something year olds that will do anything to make our morning routine faster/easier/more efficient 😂

  14. really nice place to live, i lived for 11 years near that zone in the next suburb 'Cumbres del Lago'

  15. Hi Maddie and Jordan ! I love these type of apartment hunting videos mixed in with your other videos of Mexico . So glad your still friends and partners in Tangerine Travels . You have both worked so hard for it to just give it up ! Everyone runs up on road bumps in Life's Journey . Ones success on Life's Journey isn't how many blockages you run into but how you overcome them . Work hard but enjoy life ! Keep the Faith ! GOD BLESS !!! Say hi to Laska ! 🙏🌎🐕💗🙏

  16. Wow I love both but the smaller one with all the inclusions and lake side is very appealing for that price! So tempting!!

  17. 14:30 In México, it's not normal to have the air circulation device that sucks moisture out when you take a shower. Instead, mexicans often open a window to remove excess moisture. This helps keep windows unfogged.

    All you have to do is tie a string to the window handle and find a place to attach it to the wall and you're set

  18. Well done, as usual! Keep up the good work. PS: You look good together!

  19. I Spanish required in Queretaro? I'm learning, but no where near conversational.

  20. for the life of me i can't imagine anyone looking for some place to live in Mx that cost the same as the place they live in the usa… isn't it more common for people to move to Mx for the LOWER cost of living? I admit I've met a few Canadian expats in Mazatlan that live in gated high rent areas but all of them have substantial resources. One lady lives off her dead husbands life insurance policy and retirement account. Like one person in a 5 BR 4 Bath 2 story single family house (not a condo or apartment) with a yard (front and back)… So I guess, maybe, if they have the financial ability, why not live like in the USA… but on the other hand, why would you move? jmho

  21. Hi! I would like to know where you bought your necklace at is so cute?! "😍 "
    P.s. I love your YouTube channel please always make more we're fans of you. Me and my mom watch it most often.
    Alicia Jarrin hug's from Cailfornia Tangerine Travels

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