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Showbiz 2002 – Bowie Birthday Message

DB saying happy birthday during a program called “Showbiz”

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  1. Awwww….how sweet: a b'day wish for me, and for anybody else who sees this. I have noone else to wish me a happy b'day, so it's nice. Like "Everyone says hi" seems special too, esp. to those of us who don't have families or many friends.

  2. I don't have to cry. I don't have to cry. I don't have to cry. I don't have to cry. I don't have to cry.

  3. OOOHH David, it's my birthday! Thank you sooooo much for everything…love you forever xxxxxxxxx

  4. How I wish he would've told me this words himself… maybe one day :')

  5. Today happy bday to me. My best friend always remember to send me this message. It always makes me smile.

  6. I love this video. I send it to pretty much everyone I know on their Birthday. It never gets old.

  7. I think people suitably like him due to his music and none of the other trash we get these days 🙂

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