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Hollywood Success IN Black & White: How Can Meghan Markle Integrate Her Career Successfully

There is a clear path for Meghan Markle to enter successfully into Hollywood but the question becomes, how will she navigate her choices with her options and …

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  1. I see beauty in all people and you and your mom are beautiful and your character is as anyone can see by your podcasts. I believe it is more important on how you are judged by your character.
    That’s the most important statement I think Martin Luther King said. More people in the world should live by that.

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  3. it boils down to integrity. if you are ready to throw that away you discredited yourself and the people you stand for. Markle discredits black people

  4. our Labour goverment say we are all New Zealander an if it gets to Jacinda ears that someone is racism she gently rebukes them an tells them we all one regardless of colour

  5. my great great grandparents were slaves from Africa settled in Jamacia.

  6. Please ,can we be honest about what the organization named Black Lives Matter is truly all about It was started by two White women,and their Mission Statement was that they are Trained Marxist,and they want to destroy !the Nuclear Family.They have since removed their Statement when people protested who and what they are really about.They have enriched themselves,by deceiving the black population.One woman now owns a couple of houses worth over a million dollars,which I heard reported was supposed to have been collected for the
    Black Community.Please ,check out the beliefs of this group,and who is benefiting from the funds that are being collected in the name of Black folks.There is a huge amount of propaganda being spread about this organization,and it is vital that the truth be known.Many innocent people have been deceived,and have to be informed of what is really transpiring. at the present time.The houses bought by that woman were worth,over a million dollars,for each one.Large sums of money have been. obtained from donations by individuals or corporations,some of them were intimidated into doing so.Many are fearful,because of the violent nature of this group.

  7. What an amazing idea for a program, Pdina! Excellent research & truly enlightening information. THANK YOU for the education. Only YOU could have made this program b/c you have the genuine point-of-view. Wonderful! 💜💜💜

  8. Well, if it doesn't work with her black side, then I am sure she will court her black side. But will it be good enough for Princess wanerbe Queen of Hollywood and future World Leader, time will tell.

  9. The problem with Harry's wife is that it will not stop at her treatment of the royal family, it goes further than that. Her character will not change she will continue to treat people badly and it will not matter about the colour of their skin. She had a worldwide platform to promote the empowerment of people of colour and literally sold it to netflix. Leopards and spots.

  10. Loved your video. Very insightful, and I learned new things. As serious as the subject was you added your P Dina charm and got us laughing too.

  11. Another educational chat. Thank you (I’m an Australian). By the way, after seeing (incidently) photos of meghan, she appears to have had her African nose surgically changed to a ‘white’ version. So she has definitely identified as white !!!

  12. i KNEW you had them good genes! you look elegant like your mother, not to mention, the both of youse look super young! wat?! peace, Belfast, Ireland

  13. Jesus had hair like wool and skin the colour of bronze.🤷🏾‍♀️🙏🏾

  14. Meghan Markle is not a trustful person, nothing to do with the colour. She is manipulating everybody, for sure she was not presented herself like a black woman. Now, she realized she's black. Always trying to catch attention.

  15. Markle gained her newfound 'success' through marriage and not talent. It's shocking for parts of Hollywood not to see that.

  16. Rashida Jones is a better person to show a comparison. Her mom was the lovely Peggy Lipton and her dad was boxer Quincy Jones. Rashida could had an easier time growing up because she can pass for white. Whereas as her sister (Kidada) is darker skin had to go to a different school to feel comfortable and she ended up being with TuPac. Same parents and genetics took two girls on different paths.

  17. I just find interesting that black people will call Candace Owens and Larry Elder “Whyte Supremacist” because they have different political views. Larry Elder is a victim of a hate crime but the MSM turns the other way because they think he “deserves” it. Had that been former President Obama – MSM would have labeled it a hate crime. Both would be hate crimes. Get your feelings out of it. MeMe is not trying to elevate the black community. If she was; that would be different. I guess they want to say that there is a Black Royal. There is Queen Charlotte, though. I wish people would learn history. People would be surprised on how much actually gets left out of the books.

  18. Some of the women owe their success and their Oscars due to the “casting couch” that was in Harvey Weinstein’s office.
    —Quentin Tarantino said everyone who is in a friendly photo with Harvey Weinstein KNEW about Harvey’s behavior. No one said anything. When Harvey Weinstein was exposed by Ronan Farrow; it was just us PEASANTS finding out

  19. PDina can you tell us some of the music videos you appeared in it would be a hoot to see you then and now and give us more context to your amazing sounding back story

  20. I’d hope that black Hollywood would empower talented black women rather than pander to a talentless privileged woman like Megan- there’s plenty of excellent talent and passion among black women… that deserve the empowerment. Harry’s wife is empowered racist ignorance that’s as common as dishwater in USA.

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